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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ecosystems: Ponds

Some eyes were opened today when it comes to what is actually in pond water. Kids...this is why we don't drink pond water. For all the things you can see with your hand lenses, there are millions of other little creatures you can't see. Next up: using the microscope. Await some mind blowing.

After school we had our very first cross country practice. This might have been the only practice that's ever happened here on Frenchboro. We have two meets planned, one with Isle Au Haut and one with Islesford. Today, we ran up the ingloriously named Dump Hill. Johnny, first grade, huffing beside me, yelling "MY LEGS! THEY'RE BURNING!" Down to the gravel pit and around the beaver pond where Jayde, Kindergarten, saw her very first (in her 'entire life') lily pad, then up to the graveyard with Johnny calling out, "I'm STILL RUNNING!" We rested under the horse chestnut tree, panting, looking around at the red faces (MY FACE IS ON FIRE! Johnny again...and then "I think my rib is BROKEN!") I could have passed out from laughing whilst running today, but luckily I lived to run another day. Perhaps I'll calling it wogging, sort of a walk/jog on my part, though Elijah and Dylan literally ran circles around me. I've gotta get out there more if I'm going to keep up with those kids!


  1. Cross Country on Frenchboro!! I am so excited!!
    Keep up the good work kids!! Who knows maybe one day some of you may run for my team at Washington Academy!!

  2. Oh, what a great start to the new school year. Nice pix. Keep up the terrific work. Ann/Mum