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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Circus Ship comes to town

On friday, Frenchboro was gifted by a visit from our old friends at Island Readers and Writers. Jan Coates always brings fabulous writers and illustrators to the island schools, but this time she really outdid herself! Chris van Dusen is a popular author/illustrator and has recently written a book based loosely upon a true event that happened along the Maine coast back in 1836. A steamboat carrying a full circus caught fire and sunk off the coast of Vinalhaven. Though a tragic tale, Chris changed the story to a child friendly version that is whimsical and touching. Accompanying the group was Judith Jerome, from the Stonington Opera House, who shared her gift for storytelling with the students and community. The Frenchboro students had prepared their own stories and got to read their creative accounts of what might have happened had the circus ship crashed near Frenchboro. Hint: a lot of mom's would be screaming, and a lot of monkeys would turn into pets. After the school presentations, Ruth Davis presented for the community over at the Frenchboro library, followed by another presentation by Chris and Judith. It was a great day and a great turnout! Thanks to everyone for showing up and for cooking lunch for the IRW team.

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  1. How very fortunate to live on an island and have visiting artists and writers. It makes me want to come and live in Frenchboro.