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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Art

Ohh, how I love Halloween. What's not to love? Candy, candy, candy. Costumes. More candy. Bobbing for apples. Haunted hayride. And still more candy. Games. Have I mentioned the candy? Unlike my brother, who hoarded and stored his candy til, like, New Year's, I ate mine the first night. Back then there was no such thing as too much sugar. Considering Mr. Finn and I just polished off an entire bag of candy bars, apparently not much has changed. Here in Frenchboro, the candy haul is particularly impressive. Since there are, how many? Maybe 50 people here, including the's like everyone just goes crazy and buys fifteen bags of candy to hand out. The kids use pillowcases. Multiple pillow cases. We're wondering if we could perhaps rent a child out to trick or treat for us. Okay, enough about sugary goodness. I also love Halloween because of the art. It's so wonderful all of the creative things you can find on the internet, my favorite website being where I found a great watercolor/marker project. Before we went out for gym, we painted our backdrop and by the time we returned from soccer, our projects were dry, which allowed us to finish up the tree silhouettes replete with spider webs.

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