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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dissecting a Squid

You know, I talked earlier about island 'gifts'. I said that they often come in the form of people, but in this case, it came in the form of a squid. I know it would have been pretty amazing had the squid survived and swam around in our indoor saltwater tank, sucking the conchs out of their shells and creating havoc for the periwinkles, but alas, it died in the bucket, enroute to the school. Wyatt got it in his trap and handed it off to Ski to bring to the school, but it perished. Trash? I think not. Since we have an 'in' with an ER doc, we have lots of tools of the trade...scalpels, tweezers, suture kits. We layed out Mr. Squid and proceeded to examine him thoroughly. You've no idea how their irridescent skin glints rainbows in the sun.
Then the cutting began. Mr. Finn had to keep telling the kids to move back as they were crowding in so closely. Look at them. Complete and utter fascination. I thought they might be grossed out. I thought for sure they'd be squealing or turning away. No, no. They were absolutely riveted. So was I. Helllooooo, people...did you know squids have beaks? Seriously, Mr. Finn cut around the mouth and there was this beak. It was hard and very sharp. I was amazed. The kids couldn't stop touching it. That, and the tentacles, which kept suctioning onto their fingers.
It was a little smelly. But that didn't deter them. Can we touch the eyeball? Can you pop it? Yes. And yes.
I love this picture. Look at them with their hands on their chins. And Johnny, can you get any closer?
Yes, apparently.

Then...we hit the guts. I wish I had the voice over to go with Cadin's face. He was groaning like he was in deathly pain. But laughing simultaneously. Everyone thought the poop shoot was immensely funny. Potty humor, alive and well in Frenchboro School.
Cadin, disgusted. Johnny? Delighted.
Elijah? Positively giddy. In fact, when we found fish vertebrae in the intestines, not only was Elijah not grossed out...he wanted to touch it. Yup. Let's just say, everyone was doing a thorough hand washing that afternoon! Have I mentioned lately that I love this school?

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