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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tidal Flat Ecosystems

Frenchboro girls being the fancy dressed digging in the dirt gals that they always are. My heros!
Myron showing a little left dominance in his eye choice on the microscope. We were checking out everything from cross sections of seaweed to gull feathers. It's a magical world under the lens.
Perhaps it's because I grew up in South Addison and spent my entire childhood hanging out down by the shore, but tidal flats are my favorite ecosystem to study! Maybe I don't REALLY want to know what was in all that sea water that I inadvertantly ingested over the years, but peeking through the seaweed to find hidden crabs is right up my alley! This microscope picture illustrates the reason why we peel the tail back on a lobster before eating it.

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