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Friday, October 2, 2009

Harvest Dinner

So, I'm officially still full from last night. What a great harvest dinner. The kids set up and cleaned up, but next year, they're going to do all the cooking! After baking two pies, a quiche, a ham and a side dish of roasted veggies, I'm all cooked out. Thanks goes out to all those who donated delicious items (a lot from our own gardens!) and for those who showed up to eat! We appreciated the turn out and it was so nice to sit and talk. Even those who couldn't come either sent a donation or cooked something to share. We raised over $300, and $200 will go towards the project the kids are working on, which is raising money for a new bike rack, and the rest will go toward the community garden. Yay!


  1. What a great turn out!! Looks like everyone had a great time.
    If 'mainland' families want to make a donation to the bike rack, where should we send the money??

  2. The money is going into a fund for the Frenchboro PTCO. From there, we can write checks for whatever the kids vote on, or for miscellaneous items the school needs (like party supplies or money for school trips). So, if you'd like to donate, make checks out to Frenchboro PTCO and send them to the school. P. O. Box 39, Frenchboro, 04635. Your interest is greatly appreciated!

  3. Dave and Pat McEachron stopped in the sandwich shop the other day and had great things to say about the Harvest Dinner! Hope the community garden projects continues and is successful. Great idea!!
    :) Erica

  4. What a festive finale to a summer of gardening. Congratulations to the cooks, the helpers, volunteers and community members that make it all happen.