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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cole Transportation Museum

I didn't post pictures earlier about our trip to the Cole Transportation Museum in Bangor. We went their on our last day during the Bangor/Orono trip. We were taken on a tour by volunteer, who also happened to be a WWII veteran. The Cole Museum does a lot of work on the Veteran's Project which transcribes veteran's stories for posterity. They work a lot with local schoolchildren. In fact, children are admitted free of charge. That's how dedicated the museum is when it comes to providing educational outreach. Quite special, isn't it?
But all that aside...they have some killer antique autos. The chrome, the wooden steering was all too much for us.
Here's my favorite. My maiden name is McCann, so I took a lot of pictures of this 1927 McCann fire truck. Even the gauges said McCann. My dad would just love it.
We had some thoughts that our previous Frenchboro fire engine would have fit in great next to this pumper. Nate is shown here demonstrating how not to touch the equipment, kids.

To heck with a school bus. We should get this baby out on Frenchboro!
It would TOTALLY fit all our school kids in the back! What? No heat you say? They're tough!
We got to hear about the train got to the museum (and the museum was really built around it once it was in place!) and we even got to go inside.
The beds were reeeeally teeny. But that didn't stop the kids from trying them out.
Here's one for all you Cars fans. Fly, Stanley! Be free!
I told Seth that Johnny was going really fast. He acted accordingly.

This one is in honor of Pop Finn. A GM man his entire life.

Mr. Finn and Tyler, out for an evening drive.
Thanks so much to everyone at the Cole Museum, and to the parents for shlepping the kids hither and yon.

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