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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Frenchboro Invitational

Let's harken back to October 21st, shall we?

We were lucky enough to get some decent weather for our cross-country invitational. Swan's Island and Islesford came over on the Sunbeam to spend a couple hours racing and visiting. And one of our favorite Swan's Island folks was over with her mom, Emmie...Peyton Charlotte! She's grown so much and it won't be long 'til she's running with the big kids.After a little visiting, it was time to limber up. Dylan was out for the weekend, so he came and helped out. Great to see him...too bad he wasn't running for our team!
This might be titled Find the Highest Spot Around and Stand on It.

Then the fun began. My most favorite race of all was first. Kindergarten and first grade. I mean, seriously, does it get any cuter than these little guys and gals? (Hope it's okay to use this photo as it has non-Frenchboro kids in it...let me know if there's any objections!) I was downhill taking some photos and as soon as Mr. Finn yelled "On you mark, get set, go!" they were sprinting down the hill. Heeeere they come!And theeeeere they go!

Next up was the 2nd/3rd race. Cadin was working hard!
Then it was time for the 4/5 race. Here's Bradley, almost at the finish line.

For the last race, the 6-8th graders were running all the way out to Gooseberry Point, so we needed some folks to help them navigate the course. What is this, the circus? Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of the girls or Austin as I had to help out Mr. Finn keep track of kids finishing...not to mention my camera kept freezing. So. Frustrating.Time for awards! I got to do the honors and pass out the medals and trophies. Here's Tyler getting his first place medal...great job on his very first race!
We came in third place overall, with Swan's taking the first place trophy and Islesford second place. It was such an awesome way to spend a Saturday! Thanks so much to everyone for showing up to cheer the kids on and a special thanks to the Sunbeam for transportation and Becky and Mike for cleaning up!

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