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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Finding Out What Gelatin is Made From

So, we did some experiments using gummy bears. Never, in the four years that we've been teaching these kids, have we ever gotten quite the reaction as we did today when we talked about where gelatin comes from. I wish I had the sound track. As I read the Wikipedia entry, there was a chorus of screams and groans.

Teressa almost passed out when she heard that marshmallow comes from the same place.

Saylor is pretty deadpan. I rarely get photos of her freaking out. Until today. She was seriously....
Best class. I think they were more scared by this than the haunted school.


  1. After Teressa and Saylor's reaction, I wonder if this means gummy bears and marshmallows are off their list of favorites now?

  2. That is a riot! Great work getting the pics of their reactions!