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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween Antics

Everyone was dressed in their best duds for Halloween. Mr. Finn was a whoopie cushion. The silliness didn't stop us from continuing our experiments with the eggs. After soaking in vinegar for two days, the shell had completely dissolved. This was just what we needed to talk about cell membranes. And of course, we had to touch it.
Bumblebee was all about it.
Supergirl was not so sure she wanted to touch it at all.
The storm trooper...I think this face would be 'aghast'.
We did not pop the egg on anyone. I was pleasantly surprised by this.
Group photo. We were totally decked out, with everyone wearing a great costume. I love Halloween. The only thing that gets to me is how hard it is to find an adult female costume that doesn't make me look like a street walker. The clown was the only one I could find in a huge Halloween box store...and even that involved bloomers and a minidress.
In the afternoon it was time to party. This whisp of smoke is Tyler dancing. There was some crazy dancing going on to Monster Mash. I mean, break out the worm from the 80's. It was hilarious. Mr. Finn tried to catch the action. Due to the immense sugar rush, it was difficult.
Really difficult. As you can see, the feet have left the floor. Some karate manifestation, no doubt, by Seth. There was lots of jumping and high kicking.
Then there was the no holds barred knee slide. Future member of Kiss, we've got here.

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  1. Your Halloween blog would have to top my favourite's list! Immensely enjoyed learning about your Halloween over there in Frenchboro and you all rock in your awesome attire...Even you Ms. Finn. Just love your colourful clown costume - pantaloons and all. Thank you for showing the other side of the world how Halloween is celebrated, and as for the egg that didn't get broken; lucky, lucky, lucky!