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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Outer Islands Field Trip

We recently went on a three-day field trip to Orono and Bangor with the other outer islands. We started out at the Challenger Learning Center in Bangor. They have a great 'simulated mission' for older students.I followed one of the groups which included Saylor and Myron. We blasted off to space and then worked in the space station, following orders from our mission control counterparts in another area of the building. Saylor's job was to monitor the plants and insects.
Myron's job was navigator. He was looking for a comet. His counterpart would give him directions and he would look at different star charts to try to find the comet.
After their chance out in space, Myron and Saylor switched off with the other group to take over mission control. This was a lot smoother as they had some experience under their belts.

They still had the same jobs, but it was more of a research job to give information to the astronauts.
The next day we went to the planetarium. No pictures there, but we also got a chance on the climbing wall at the university. Here's our future kindergartner, Breanna, all harnessed up and ready to go in her pink tutu!
Cadin jumped right in with both arms and legs.

Some of us were just Born to Climb!

We were like monkeys on that wall. It was so much fun and everyone really pushed their boundaries.
Here's Jayde getting a little beta from Nate.
Then it was on to the ropes course. Seth busting a move, as usual.
Austin and Myron, not so much.

It was brrrrrrrrr out! Here's Jayde getting some help with her helmet from Mom.
Check out Austin on the high wire! Amazing!
Cadin heading up to the log.
Tyler, dressed for success.
I get this face a lot. It's the "Ms. Fiii-iiin...would you stop with the pictures already?" face.
No. I will not. Never. Because I might miss moments like this one. That's Tyler up there on that log. I do not think I would have been doing THIS at five years old!
Awesome job, buddy!
Not to be outdone, and to Marissa's terror, Johnny headed up to the high wire.
Sorry about the belly shot, kid, but I just wanted to illustrate to Mom just how crooked your helmet was as you teetered 20 feet up.
While the high ropes courses were going on, Brody was stuck in the ropes. Now you know what a lobster feels like going into your trap!

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