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Friday, January 13, 2012

A Little Ehow Never Hurt Anybody

We've got this bathroom downstairs in our basement. It is, ahem, so disgusting. We tried, we really did. The kids put down linoleum tile that you buy in squares and did all the math themselves. Then, the tiles began to, um, curl. And liquids began to get trapped around the bowl, under the tiles, and stuck into the weird glue the tiles required that didn't quite wipe off the way it was supposed to. Besides that, the walls are totally scuffed up. How that happens, I've no idea. It looks like someone was trying breakdance all along the white paint. So, we hatched the idea last year to do a mural and paint over the nasty parts. The kids will do the artwork, so we needed to learn how to draw all the sea life that we want to include as it will be a mostly underwater mural.
We checked out the website ehow as it has some great tutorial videos on how to draw, like, everything. We stared with a lobster. Duh. What's great is that every kid could work at their own pace and pause the video as much as they wanted as they worked on their picture.
They were all SO great, working away, taking their time to include all the details. We'll make a splash with our mural in no time.
As for the tile, well, those nasty old ones came up (with a lot of help from surgical gloves) and Mr. Finn ground down all the glue and prepped the floor. The kids have already started laying the permanent ceramic tile and let me tell you, it is a beautiful sight! Cannot wait until the finished product.

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