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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Looooong Hike

What to do in the winter months when it is too cold to play ball, but the ice isn't ready for us to play hockey? We decided to hone in on the 'endurance' aspect of their standards, namely, a big hike. Our island is covered with trails, but it's not like a paved pathway. There are a lot of...obstacles. Downed trees, big rocks, chasms to jump over.
We got tired. Almost lost a few along the way. But we kept right on marching along. Tyler was leading us, after all, and he doesn't stop for anything.
Just look at this glorious view of the spit that connects the main part of the island to Rich's Head. The light was just perfect.
Then we were up and over Burnt Hill, with a rope to help us up the steep parts. We were shedding layers like gangbusters.

Here we all are at the stone wall, right in the middle of the woods. Hard to imagine all the land being devoid of trees a hundred years ago to make way for livestock. Today, it's just a nice place to sit and take a little rest. I know I slept well after this big expedition!

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