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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Our holiday parties are a pretty mellow affair, that is until Seth and Tyler start break dancing. This year the kids were really into the gift bags that we got for them, as well as the word searches and coloring pages. There is also a lot of chocolate involved. Always a good thing.We listened to music, ate some goodies and played with our new treats. Then we had a final dress rehearsal for the holiday play.
Getting ready to go the elf Olympic torch.
Seriously? Do I have to wear this 70's dance outfit?
They were a little nervous, and Twinkle here was super sick, but managed to make it through the entire performance...what a trooper!Bob was one of the commentators on the Elf Network's Wide World of Sports.
Nutmeg was a North Pole elf, whose team ultimately won in the final round of cookie eating. It was a very close Olympics.

Sugarplum competed in the reindeer riding contest...he rocked it out and managed to stay on crazy Blitzen the longest. Great job remembering all the lines and songs, kids!

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