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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


We're kicking off our Physics unit with magnets. Who doesn't love magnets? Since we prepped last year about what our science units would look like this year, we had time to order all the supplies that we'll be needing. After a little conversation about what we already know about magnets, we jumped in with some hands on playing...I mean experimenting.
The whole controlling-the-magnet-from-under-the-table trick came up right away. That blew everyone's mind.
Then there was the whole magnets-as-jewelry thing.
We really liked that one.
Mr. Finn didn't enjoy the magnets at all. Nope, not one bit. Saylor created this masterpiece after we talked about the polarities. So cool!
Seth, though controlling it from below, still seemed shocked at what was happening. It's magic, Ms. Finn!
Next up: What has magnetic properties? They all had to guess first, putting together two piles of what they thought would be magnetic and what they thought would not be magnetic.
Then they took their magnets and began testing their hypotheses.
Yup, magnetic! No one guessed that one of the rocks would be magnetic. They were blown away when their magnet stuck to the iron ore. And what about that nail that everyone thought would be magnetic? Nope? Aluminum! What a fun class.

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