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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Can you even stand how cute this is? I'm dying, I tell ya, from the cuteness.
The older boys I'm not allowed to call cute. They are manly men....all business, very nonchalant about being fully decked out in official Frenchboro Fire Department gear.
We did pause in our work to admire the view from our new picnic tables, though!
Cadin as "pump man". Mr. Finn had been figuring out how all the equipment works so he could teach all the kids. It was so awesome seeing them learning the ins and outs of the special wrenches, hoses, pumps, etc.
It was teamwork all the way. You ready for the water? Thumbs up!

Everybody got a shot at the helm.
It's always good to have a backup man as the water pressure really kicks.

Thanks to Becky for getting all the gear ready and for letting us use it. What a great afternoon!

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