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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mrs. McCann's Phys. Ed.

 My mom, who will forever be referred to by the thousands of students she has influenced as Mrs. McCann (just try getting through a grocery store with her sometime), came out for visit on the Friday before break.  Our tradition is to have the guest lead the school in some sort of activity.  Since my mom has been an educator for decades, this was not a problem. 
 In fact, her roots are as a Phys. Ed. teacher.  She was the person who taught every single student in five different K- 8 schools over a ten year period.  So when I said thousands earlier, it was no joke.  When I was a kid, Mrs. McCann was MY Phys. Ed. teacher and boy was she good.  We did everything in that class from tumbling to folk dancing, but my all-time favorites were the humongous cage ball, and of course, the parachute. 
 I had completely forgotten that we had a parachute in the school.  How is that even possible?  It came up as this sort of conversation, with my husband.  "My mom's coming out and she's going to do Phys. Ed. with the kids.  (pause) Darn. I sure wish we had a big parachute."  Doug looked at me in puzzlement.  "Honey.  We do have a parachute."  Me: "Huh?" 
 Well, good.  We had a parachute.  All systems a go for Mrs. McCann's arrival.  We sure did have a blast with that thing.  My forearms were sore for like three days after from all the gripping and vigorous shaking we were doing.  We played tons of games and activities and just did a lot of screaming and giggling.

 One of the last activities is called "Superman".  Everyone lifts the parachute high high high, and then one side LETS GO!  The ones still holding on run like crazy and the parachute flies out behind them like a cape.  Boy did they run.
They didn't stop running until the got to the benches.  What a great time.  Thanks to my mom, whose birthday just happens to be today as I post this.  Love you so much, Mum.  Thanks for being the biggest educational inspiration in my life.


  1. So fun! I loved when Mrs. McCann did parachute games and she was an awesome phys ed teacher. I always felt like an athletic failure until she became my phys ed teacher. She knew how to bring out the best in all kids.

  2. Hi Amy! So great to hear from you. She really was a terrific gym teacher and I feel really lucky that we had her as kids. I could have done without the square dancing though... All the best to you and your family.