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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Improv Visit

 Before break, Rob Benson was kind enough to organize a visit from Improvacadia which is a wonderful group right on MDI.  Jen and Larrance came out to do some great improv games and activities with the kids. 
 One of the things they did was create a "machine".  Every student had a different sound and action.  It started with just a few kids and then everyone jumped in over time to add on to the mess of noises and motions.  It was really fun to watch and participate in, for sure!
 They also played a game where one student leaves the room and the rest create a circle with one person chosen to be the leader.  Everyone has to follow that person, but try not to look directly at them to give it away, so they focus on someone else in the circle who can see the leader more directly.  Then the person who left is called back in to guess who is leading the group motion.  It was harder than you might think to guess!
 The kids also had to come up with their own commercials about either basketball or tacos.  Those choices were kid-created of course.  They had about ten or fifteen minutes to come up with their idea, a jingle, and their spoken lines, which they then presented to the whole group.  I was really impressed with their on-the-spot creativity.
At the end we were really sad to see Jen and Larrance go.  If you have the chance while on MDI, check them out as you're in for a lot of laughs!

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