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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fitness Test: Situps, Jumping Jacks

Every month, each student sets their own goals and tries to increase the amount of situps, pushups, pullups and jumping jacks they do. Several kids are over the hundred mark for situps, and their pushups have become seriously impressive! We're even able to do pullups now, which is a tough one.
I love how Brody has one little guy on each foot.

The K-3 group does an increase of jumping jacks by 5 every month, and the 4-6 group increases by 10, so they are now doing over 100. Well, I used to guide them and call out the number but when they hit 90 I nearly passed out trying to say the number while jumping. I swear, my calves charlie horsed so badly they were sore for a week. Now Mr. Finn does them, thank the stars.
Everybody was a huffing and a puffing last time. Bradley was the only one grinning from ear to ear the entire time, though.
Everyone else was extremely serious.
I know I was exhausted just watching them. They all guzzled the water after this event, and then luckily we went outside for the 40 yd. dash so everyone could cool off. Have you tried doing 120 jumping jacks lately? Get back to me on how that goes.

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