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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Picnic Table Construction

The kids do service projects every year, both to improve the school and the community and they decided the picnic tables down at Eastern Beach needed a serious rehaul. As in, start over from scratch. Mr. Finn happens to be super handy when it comes to...well, just about everything, so he got a blueprint for picnic tables and we were off and running. We purchased the supplies with fundraising and grant money, but Mr. Finn donated the use of his tools since it would be pretty expensive to buy a set of those for the school. The kids have built several things over the years and it's a great way to apply math, reading, science, etc. to real world scenarios. The kids were up for the task, as usual. Here Jayde and Seth are using the carpenter's square to mark the board for cutting.
We had a couple groups going at the same time. Fifth and sixth grade were working on one table and K-4 were working on another. There was a lot to do: measuring and marking boards, cutting and assembling the table, lots of moving of lumber, detail work on the edging, etc. It was hopping outside, with Mr. Finn all over the place helping each group.
It took a lot of teamwork from carrying the boards, measuring and marking, moving the assembled pieces, drilling the screw holes, finding the correct place to attach the table tops. As I said, it was hopping. And that is not an Easter pun.

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