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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Art Auction

We're gearing up for the Frenchboro Fun Fair. The kids came up with the idea to do a fair as a fundraiser. It took some reining in. Originally they thought that we really and truly were going to have, basically, the Bangor State Fair here in Frenchboro, replete with ferris wheel and 'you, know, Ms. Finn, the ride with the swings that goes round and round." After we explained that 1. that would cost a LOT of money and 2. they were not actually going TO the fair, they were running the fair, things calmed down a bit. We settled on games, contests, face painting, etc. and an auction.
One part art auction/one part children as temporary 'assistants'. That's PC for slave for a day. We're going to auction off framed art that the kids have done as well as their talents for things like bleaching boats, cleaning kitchens and walking dogs. I'm so excited to have some original Frenchboro student art hanging on my walls...hopefully my bid wins. As for the slave...ahem, assistant....I'm liking the looks of the 'shoveling the driveway'!

1 comment:

  1. Good luck with your art auction!!

    Looks like there are some 'budding' artists on the island!!

    Great job!!