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Monday, November 23, 2009

Desperate Times

First of all, I just have to go on a little diatribe here. When I was growing up, I was taught how to spell 'desparate'. I have never forgotten because I was told that it has 'a rat' in it. Later on I noticed in dictionaries that 'desperate' was also acceptable. Sooooo, now I read in my little dictionary widget that 'desparate' is no longer considered a word. I once heard that spelling is changed according to usage and that if a word is spelled a new way enough, say, in books, newpapers and the like, that the official spelling changes. Is this true? If it is, I've got a wee problem with that, but I'll save that for another day. My real reason for using the word despaeraete is that daspereate times call for deesparaet measures.
Friday it was raining.
In the year and three months that we've been teaching, we have never missed an outdoor P. E. class. I was raised by a mother who was a gym teacher, so the importance of physical education has always been a given. Well, usually we check the NOAA forecast and make sure that Tuesday and Friday are clear and if not, we make adjustments to the schedule. This past week, we had the Fun Fair prep on Thursday, so we couldn't use that as our fall back. Friday came. It was raining. What to do?
Indoor badminton.

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