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Monday, November 2, 2009

Haunted Hayride Cleanup

Haunted Hayride=lots of fake spiderwebs. Sooo, in the spirit of stewardship, we went out today to clean up the mess leftover from the great weekend. The kids, as always, were a great help, in that genuine way that only kids can be (such as...look, here's an old rusted gun tucked under this bush...let's bring it along!) and we made short work of the disaster that was Eastern Beach Road.

Someone remarked, "It even sounds like real spiderwebs when you rip it!" Let's all revel in the ripping, shall we? Okay, moving along.

I love this shot. The fake headstones, especially. When we returned those to the community building, the kids saw all the animated (well, not so animated when they're not plugged in) ghouls from the hayride. Cadin came out yelling, "I saw the head! I saw the head!" Which, of course, I found hilarious as I do with much of what is said at Frenchboro School.

I was sorry that I'd missed Johnny, as he worked diligently at his human face during sketch class, exclaim over and over, "Look at him. He's freaky! Look how freaky mine is. Soooooo. Freaky! I'm gonna call him Freak-0." I wondered why Mr. Finn was wiping tears from his eyes in the back of the room.

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