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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ceramics Class #2

Our last class was pinch pot heaven and this class was coil pot concentration. Two hours. 120 minutes of deep, focused coiling and smoothing. More smoothing. More coiling. Some pots grew to perilous proportions. Undeterred by the wobbly sides! Upward we go! Let's use ALL the clay! And Jessica is getting the hang of transmogrifying herself, seemingly in all places at once. The kids dug the tools. Especially the 'needle tool'. Hmmm. Sharp, poiny metal tool, close quarters, questionable attention to neighbors. No casualties. Miraculous. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Now that Jessica brought back the supplies for the unit, it looks like we're not running out of clay any time soon. Next class we're going to work more on the coiling and finish up our pots...fingers crossed for no explosions in the kiln. Can't wait until we make mugs and experiment with glazes. We are so lucky!

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