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Monday, May 23, 2011

Feelin' Groovy

After the whole rough mantled doris, ahem... 'gathering' that we had in our tank not too long ago, we were a little gun shy about adding new creatures. But a sea harm there, right? We've had plenty of sea cucumbers in our tank and nothing untoward had happened before.
But as luck would have it, there's something about our tank that just makes the creatures, well, amorous. At first Mr. Finn, who sits directly in front of the tank was like, "Whoa. Look at this sea cucumber! What is it doing? That's so weird!" The kids, of course, rush over to inspect the goings on. Then we saw this:
Ahhhhh! Nothing to see here! Back to your seats! The kids were all: What is THAT. What? That white stuff! White stuff? I don't see any white stuff.
I am, for humor's sake, embellishing. Well. Not that much.

Here. Learn for yourself. Weird reproduction. Take especial note of the 'tiny pore' section.

I am happy to report that soon after this episode, all creatures were released to the wild, and we disassembled the tank for the year. Phew.

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