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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lego Presentation

We had a Lego presentation for the community to show them our robots. The teams could choose to create the fastest robot or the strongest robot and we had three of each, so there was some stiff competition in the school house. Here Austin and Johnny are telling about the process of building their robot to the group.
Saylor's robot was pulling for all it was worth. She came in a close second to Johnny and Austin's robot, but it was neck and neck all the way!
Cadin and Bradley had a little technical difficulties with their robot as some pieces broke loose after four books, but it still gave a good showing.
Here Myron is getting ready to start his robot for the fastest competition. Mr. Finn was manning the stopwatch.
Teressa and Brody were next. I'm not sure what happened here...maybe a bit of a fender bender?
Cody is just getting ready to launch his robot down the track.
It's all about pushing that button as quick as you can!
At the end, the results were so close for fastest robot that the kids had to do all the averaging to the nearest hundredth of a second! The winner: Brody and Teressa by a couple hundredths. Thanks to everyone who came to enjoy the kids hard work. Great job, everybody!

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