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Monday, May 23, 2011

Week of Music

This is why I've been able to catch up with three weeks of blogging. Bo and Graham are here! Yay for the Week of Music! If you're new to the happenings of our school, every Spring we have two guest musicians who come and stay for a week (a week and a half this year) and do intensive music instruction that culminates in a performance for the community.
In between writing songs and playing instruments, the kids do some dancing.
And laughing.
And, uhhh. Drinking.
The person in the middle calls the dance, and chooses the next victim.
This picture kills me. Johnny was a dancin' fool. Look at that hip action! He couldn't stop jitterbugging.
Graham played the fiddle as the kids did the line dancing and Bo called the dance.
Nobody was having any fun at all. Definitely not.
Again. Johnny doing some crazy moves.
So much giggling, so little time. Can't wait for the performance!

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