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Monday, May 23, 2011

Iditarod on Frenchboro

Can you believe this? Ken Anderson, musher of 11, count them, Iditarod races, could go to many different schools in Maine, but he chose Frenchboro to visit and do his demonstration. Why on earth was an Alaskan musher coming to Maine in the first place? Well, he just so happens to know and work with Meg Burden, a musher herself, who lives on M. D. I. Meg has been trying for a while to coordinate a visit out here to our little school, and she finally made it and brought along some friends! One 45 minute boat ride later, they arrived with gear and dogs. DOGS! Wooohoo!
They were. a. big. hit.
And they certainly knew how to bring on the lovin'. In fact, I think this dog is saying, "Why did you stop petting me? I want all three of you kids petting me."
Awwwwww. Doesn't that just melt your heart?
Soooo sweet!
Check out the mushing gear. The feedback: It was really hot. Ken gave a presentation on mushing and shared pictures and stories and answered questions. Gee! Haw!
And of course the sled. Though not typically what you would find on a sled, the kids sure didn't mind. What do you think...future Frenchboro school bus??

Huge thanks go to Meg, Ken and their cohorts for coming out to visit us. What a great day. Come back any time!

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