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Thursday, May 31, 2012

2nd Rocket Blast Off

 The kids designed their second rockets during art class and chose how they wanted to apply the fins on the bottom.  There were suggestions on the directions, but on their second rocket they were allowed to do anything they wanted.  A one-finned rocket?  Hmmmm.  Why not try that?
 The kids had their own hypotheses about how certain rockets would fly.  They guessed that the one and two-finned rockets might explode or fly crazily.
 So as the first "unique" rocket came up for firing, there was a lot of giggling...
 and hiding behind neighbors.
 Even the two-finned went surprisingly well, but the one-finned wonder was a psycho rocket that zigzagged across the sky like a cat on fire.  Not that I've ever seen a cat on fire, but I bet it would have moved like that rocket.
 There were rockets dangling from trees all around the ballfield.  The kids were instructed NOT to climb those trees to get it.  It was all they could do to resist. 
Even though it was cold and rainy, we had a fantastic time firing our rockets.  Unfortunately, it was impossible to calculate the speeds as the distance was different for every rocket, but Bradley was sure it was "super fast!"  Oh, and we learned not to glue fins too high up on the rocket or it would meet an untimely death by incineration.  It was a fireworks rocket: impressive yet short-lived.

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