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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hunter Safety

 We had a great opportunity brought to us by Becky, our fire chief.  She arranged for hunter safety instructors to come to the island to do certification classes for hunting, ATV, and archery.  SO cool!  Officer Richter started out Thursday night with some rules and regulations of Maine.
 The next day, Ernie and Harland started in bright and early with first aid, map and compass, and gun safety.
 We were a bunch of busy beavers, working away with our compasses.
 Everyone learned how to read a topographical map and how to interpret all the contour lines.
 They had to match up the topo image to the ground level look of mountains and valleys.
 Then they went over some videos about different accidents and how to prevent them.  Tyler DID NOT like these videos and kept plugging his ears and averting his eyes.  Poor kid... probably gave him nightmares.
 Gun safety was a hands-on exercise.  It's not every day you handle shotguns and rifles in class, that's for sure!
 Then it was outside to practice the skills of loading, reloading, and how to safely move around obstacles with a partner.
This pairing was especially and son, gettin' it done!

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