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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Calculating Speed

 We gathered some data on our charts of kids hopping, walking, speed walking, and walking backwards both for 5 meters and 10 meters.  Then we worked on the speed equation S=D/T.  You remember that, right everybody? 
 Well, the kids did fabulously well with all their calculations and they made sure their partners got the same answer that they did before filling in the chart.  It was interesting to analyze the data after the chart was completed, as it was much more common to have the second 5 meters faster than the first 5 meters.
 The kids hypothesized that the difference was that starting from zero took more energy to get up to speed and get moving versus already being in motion.  Pretty cool.
 There was a lot of "click, click, click" noises as they busily calculated and compared notes.
Tyler and Seth may just be 6, but they are very competent with the calculators.  It doesn't hurt to have a buddy nearby to help, either!

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