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Friday, May 18, 2012

Art Class: Charcoal Shading

 We broke out the charcoal a couple Fridays ago.  For Tyler, it was his first try at creating a smudgy masterpiece.  We use real charcoal sticks rather than the pencils, so our hands were Covered.  For starters, we worked on three dimensional shapes like cubes and spheres, then we moved into our larger piece, which was a vase.
 The idea is to "pull" the sides in to create the look of a shadowed, rounded object.  I told them to draw a bunch of eyelashes, but Cadin though they were toenails. 
 Are you....taking a picture of me?
 We had some great and uniquely shaped vases.  Must be all that ceramics we've done.
 Everyone was feeling very accomplished as the vase began to pop off the page.
Seeing as most don't learn these skill until high school, I think these kids did phenomenally well!

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