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Friday, May 18, 2012

Baseball on Swan's

 Went to Swan's a couple weeks back.  It was interesting disembarking from the Sunbeam this time around.  We've never had to climb up over the bow of the boat before.  It was the only angle that could get us close enough to the dock due to the low tide. 
 As usual, we were up for the challenge. 
 Leah, the phys. ed. teacher at Swan's Island School gathered all the kids together on the field.  She told them to line up on the white line so they could pick teams.  What did the Frenchboro kids do?  Huddle together like a pack of puppies at the far end of the line.
 With some cajoling, they did at least scooch down the line a bit to *sort of* join the others.  Hilarious.  They warmed up once we got going.  Started out with some catching drills and then the game began.  It was fantastic to have 19! kids to play ball.  The two hours positively fled by and too soon we were back on the bus with Leah's dad, Paul, at the helm.
These kids LOVE the bus.  It must be a universal kid thing...get to the back seat.  They were chatting and giggling the whole way.  Riding the bus is something so mundane for nearly all kids across the country, but these guys are still thrilled by it.  I think they might like the bus ride as much as the actual game!

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