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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day 2010

The first day of school FLEW by! It was so so so great to be with the kids again. We have one new student in kindergarten, Seth. Welcome to our newest addition. And though we didn't lose anyone to graduation last year, we had two students more off island (sniff...sniff...sigh) to a new school. We hope Amber and Elijah have a great school year on the mainland.

We reviewed our Shared Vision from last year and worked on a new Code of Cooperation. We had our regular first and second hours and then in the afternoon, we got a quick walk in to check out all the wonderful work that Maine Coast Heritage Trust has done to the trail system behind the library. Our steward, Terry Towne, donated a fantastic resource to us this year...a field guide to the plants of Mount Desert Island. It is chockablock with gorgeous color pictures and has all of the plants that we'd find here on our island in one book, so it makes identification that much easier.

The kids also got to read their letters to themselves that they wrote at the end of last year. They had big plans for themselves over the summer and got to reflect on all that happened over the past few months in their journals.

After school, Mr. Finn and I took a long walk around Yellow Head and talked about our hopes for the year. Let's make it the best one yet.


  1. Love the idea of the letter writing! How many of the students accomplished what they wanted to do over the summer? It would be fun to write about their reflections of what they hoped to do, what they accomplished, and how they can improve upon it.

  2. Welcome back to a new school year Mr. & Ms. Finn and kids! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer holiday and you're all set for another wonderful year of learning and having fun along the way. I love the latest photos of everyone standing outside the schoolhouse. Hmmm, looks as though you have all grown over the past couple of months.Must be the Frenchboro sun! I am going to miss Amber and Elijah, but hellooooo Seth.

  3. A surprising amount finished what they had said they wanted to do...and more. They also got a chance to reread their personal journals from last year, which they enjoyed, and to add to them. Thanks for the warm wishes, Carol!