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Thursday, September 9, 2010

IIE project

This year's InterIsland Event is going to be on Monhegan. Never been. Can't wait! Our 'assignment' for this year is to do a presentation about what makes our island special. We wanted to focus on some technology standards, so we're having the kids do a news cast using our Flip video cameras. They started by writing down all the things that make Frenchboro great on sticky notes which they put on the white board. Then several students pared the list down by grouping them into categories. This is called an Affinity Diagram.
After they got the categories down to a managable number, they Power Voted on which ones they wanted to focus on until we were down to five categories: Businesses, Trails, Locations, Museum/School/Library, and Lobstering.

Then they did a mock script about what they might say during the 2 minute newscast about their topic. They also came up with what video they would want to include and where they should shoot it. Then we split into two teams and headed out to site check.

They won't start the actual video part until they have a script and have rehearsed enough to know it by heart, but I'm anticipating some interesting gag reels.

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