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Thursday, September 16, 2010

FRO Newscast

We're still working on compiling our newscast for this year's InterIsland Event. Dylan is the head newscaster. Have you ever wondered what newcasters are wearing on the bottom half? Well, here's a perfect example of what might be going on. Peter Jennings surely wore flip flops, right? Of two different colors. And Katie Couric must be wearing cutoff jeans. Definitely. Dylan uses the call letters FRO which I find immensely amusing as he introduces each segment. Since it required silence to do the filming, everyone had to stop what they were doing periodically to get a good take. Thank goodness for digital media as we had MULTIPLE takes (and I mean multiple) of everything and it was so easy for the kids to just delete what they didn't want straight out of iMovie.
They worked with their partners to cut and paste all the snippets of clip that they wanted and then they pieced it all together, removed the audio they didn't want and replaced it with voice overs...which also required silence. There was a lot of "Quiet on the set!" sort of shout outs all afternoon.

We're pretty close to the end product for most of the on scene news reports, but then we've got to somehow export them to one computer so we can string them all together. That's Mr. Finn's domain. Thank goodness for external hard drives. I find that kids are naturally gifted with technology, having been raised around it all their lives, and us teachers have to catch up and get to a place where we can give them enough information to let them explore and learn at their own pace.

Hopefully we'll get this all done in time so we can share it with the community before we leave as it's looking pretty awesome so far. I'll try and post a short clip if I can. Well. Maybe I'll have Mr. Finn teach me how!

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