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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Morning Meeting

This year we're working on letting the kids have a lot more autonomy and responsibility. We have been working on SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) and making flowcharts to streamline our transitions and classtime. The kids have always had flag duty with a partner, but now they have Morning Meeting duty, too. This week it was Saylor and Myron.
Usually, Mr. Finn does calendar, news, and checks the NOAA forecast. Now, Saylor and Myron took over and ran the entire thing. They even checked for hurricanes on NOAA. They also ran calisthenics. Which switch between yoga (seated and standing) to calisthenics (seated and standing) and today was seated calisthenics. They have a list of things that we've done last year, but they could choose the routine. Myron was leading killer amounts of crunches! Personal trainer, here we come!

It was awesome to see the kids own routines that they learned last year. Next week, a new team will try their skills up front, but a shout out goes to Myron and Saylor for being the first ones, which is always the hardest! Great job, kids.

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