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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Village of the Phantom

One summer night three boys, Erich, Dylan and Chase were in a tent in Erich’s lawn. Erich and Chase came out every summer, but Dylan lived here all year. That night in the tent Dylan told them stories about different spots on the island they were on, Frenchboro. But the one they found the most appealing was the one on Rich’s Head. Rich’s head was a small spot on our Island, and here’s the story Dylan told.
“ A long time ago on Rich’s head there was a village, with a few houses, farms and what not. Well the village that was on Rich’s Head soon moved to where we are now, only because Lunt Harbor is the safe zone. Rich’s Head was haunted. Some of the children died from bad water they got out of the ground there, and haunted their parents for letting them drink it. They say now that you can still hear the sheep from the farms, and the girls screaming, “Why?’.”
“ We should tent out there some day,” said Erich. The boys thought about it, and went to sleep. A few days later they ran to there parents and asked them the question,
“ Can I sleep at Rich’s Head?” They all got the same answer. The parents thought they were crazy but ended up saying yes. Dylan ran to his house and got bread and water, Chase and Erich ran to Erich’s and got candy, crackers, flashlights and his flip camera.
As Dylan went back to Erich’s house to see how they were doing, he ran into Joe Lunt, a 20-something year old man who was their taxi/helper/friend. He was helping them get the tent down, and he put it in the back of his jeep. He started up the car and they all jumped in. They saw a huge puff of smoke come out of the muffler. Then Joe drove off. They went up a few hills and on the dirt road.
At first they thought Joe was going to stop when the dirt road turned into boulders, but he kept on going. They went till they couldn’t go anymore. So they hopped out and walked on the trail, to the Rich’s Head. They found a grassy spot near a few trees, to keep out of the wind. Joe started a fire near the rocks, and showed them where the only birch tree was. They collected some of the bark, as it was like paper and they could use it to get the fire started. Of course the only birch tree was a long way away from them, so they got as much as they could each trip.
Soon it was the time for Joe to leave. It was getting dark and Dylan and Chase were constantly getting drift wood for the fire. As Erich took his flip camera out and began video taping them. As they stopped for a minute on the driftwood bench they made next to the fire, on the rocks, they heard a bark from a dog. Everyone was wide eyed, then looked to where they heard the howl. They saw nothing. And it was getting harder and harder to find drift wood, so they finally gave up. It was time to head to the tent. The boys got on their sweat shirts, as it was getting cold with the harsh wind. Chase, Dylan and Erich looked at the waves. They were huge. They unzipped the tent door and one by one, crawled in, trying to keep the bugs out. Dylan told them the scary story once more, and they went to bed. Chase fell asleep fast but Dylan and Erich didn’t.
“ You’re hearing that, right?!” asked Erich getting a little freaked out.
“ And seeing it,” said Dylan. Erich nodded, as whenever they closed their eyes they saw girls, crying, and some laughing. Then they heard a man, but couldn’t see him, yelling at the girls to stay back! Dylan and Erich jumped back up! The tent was shaking, It was like some one was picking it up! Plus what they heard and saw when they closed their eyes was so realistic! But soon it happened no matter if their eyes were closed or not! They suffered all night, hearing the zipper unzip! The girls laughing and saying, “Who are they?”
Once dawn hit, the noise stopped completely. They had no sleep. Chase, who was asleep for most of it, was lucky, and they packed up the tent, and were ready to leave. The fire was out, everything was packed. But something was drawing them back. So they walked on the beach, and found a cool place to make a fort! It ended up as a little shack, an awesome little shack. And when they were done they headed to leave. Before they were in the woods they looked back at the beach...and saw the farmer.

The End

By Dylan

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  1. Fantastic story Dylan and also a great title. Chase was the luckiest, sleeping through the scary night. No way would you get me to stay on the haunted Rich's Head - especially at night!