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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dance Party

This was taken during our Valentine's Day party. I find this hilarious for all sorts of reasons. I love how Seth is getting down like a wild man, completely uninhibited. Then I panned to the rest of the group. It was like they didn't even notice Seth having his very own dance party right in the middle of the classroom! I mean, Hello! that kid is Getting DOWN! In fact, he only stopped dancing to occasionally run to his seat to eat a bit of candy or brownie, then he was back at it.

I put on a Best of the Beatles album and he was off and running immediately, calling out, "Hey! I love this Valentine's music!"

I did join him. And I taught him some new moves. I was especially tickled by the reenactment of the Pulp Fiction dance where you pull your two fingers in front of your eyes. He liked that one. And the 'under the sea' one where you hold your nose and pretend you're going under. Were were also "Walking like Egyptians"? Yes. Yes we were.

Everyone should take a page from the book of Seth. Get out there. Who cares who's watching. Get down and have some fun!

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