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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Watercolors and Pigment Pencils

Jessica came in on Tuesday to work with us on glazing our pre-fired pieces. She came bearing goodies, too. There were pigment pencils and a water color palette to work with. We were focusing on clear glazing, so this was perfect to put under the glaze. The kids could choose a low fire or high fire glaze.
Saylor had a beautiful mug to work with and she chose a high fire glaze so she'd be able to drink out of it.
Again with the boats! Have you ever seen so many ceramic boats in all your life? They look great, though, and here Austin is adding a high fire glaze, patting carefully so as not to smudge the pigment and watercolor he added.
Johnny's at the low fire table. You cannot mix the glazes! If you high fired the low fire glaze it would melt all over the kiln and ruin it, so we were extra careful to not mix the pieces. The low fire also needs a lot of layers, so Johnny is patiently waiting for it to dry. Like watching water boil.
Aha! A boat! How unusual. This one, though, is actually modeled after his own boat, Ocean Wave.
Look at Jayde's beautiful mug. She's become quite the artiste! And what a perfect size for a first grader.
Dylan had several pieces. This is a box with a cover on it. I especially liked his globe that he made. Can't wait to see what it looks like after it's fired.
Saylor usually makes larger mugs with smaller handles. Bradley is the exact opposite! I love this about character.
Everyone working at the high fire table. I did a little plate with a sea turtle on it. It's very exciting to look forward to the final product because you just don't know how it's going to turn out! Let's hope everything ends up intact!

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