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Thursday, March 10, 2011


We got some new gym equipment! Lacrosse sticks. I have this much experience with lacrosse: I watched my friend during her practice. So we were all pretty new at this, which is a lot of fun and kind of hilarious. You know you're a beginner when you and your partner cheer about being able to catch their throw just once, and you really start jumping up and down when you pass it back and forth successfully.
We spent most of our time just practicing the catching and throwing. Here's Jayde chucking the ball with great concentration.
A bit of a reach!
This technique is quite something. He kept calling out: Throw the ball into my net!

We also practiced trying to hit a target from varying distances. Okay, so the target happened to be a huge chain link fence.

Then we played a game. Things were going pretty well until Seth got hit in the face and got a bloody nose. Seriously. That is just the worst feeling in the world during P. E. to have someone get injured. I'm hoping he's not put off lacrosse for the rest of his days!

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  1. I love the way Mr. & Ms. Finn always ensure that the Frenchboro school children have fun, no matter what lesson they're doing. There's definitely skill involved when playing lacrosse and it looks hard. Give it time and I know everyone will improve. Poor little Seth. Hope he's doing better now.
    I see the snow is beginning to dissolve!