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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's in the Tank?

Our fishermen are so awesome. They bring us the coolest stuff for our tank. This is my favorite little guy! Isn't it the cutest thing? Can you believe that's a real fish. A lump fish. And get has a suction cup on the bottom and it attaches itself to the bottom of our tank. I love love love these cuties. We can only keep them for short periods as we don't want them to perish. But I just want to pet this little guy all the time! Unfortunately, they're covered with spines and have a very rough texture to their skin, but in my mind, I can cuddle it.
This whelk has been getting around. It's all over the place.

How funny is this crab. I think it's called a spider crab. He hangs out on top of the whelks.
Straight out of Sponge Bob. I can never believe the eyeballs on these things. They defy logic. Then there were the 'other' creatures that were not even remotely familiar to me. Ever heard of a rough mantled doris? Nope. I hadn't either. Then they began congregating at the corner of the tank. And. Well. Things started happening. At first we thought it was like some part of the stomach coming out in these furling waves around the edges of their bodies. White furling waves. Then. They left the waves behind. Many discussions ensued from this event. The waves are still attached to the walls of the tank. We shall see.

And then there is the (shudder) tube worm thing with the tentacles. We thought it was dead. It was not. It became apparent to us as it was in a different place every morning. Could be Henry the school ghost messing with us, but I doubt it. I was going to take a photo but it has somehow moved itself behind all the rocks. I know, I's an amazing creature. But it's like, you know, some creatures are just cuter than others. Lump fish=cute! Tube worm thing=a leeeeetle freaky. This will not at all change the kids' desire to touch it when we remove it from the tank.

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