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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fishermen's Forum

Though we had a little technical difficulty getting patched in to the Tanberg system at the Island Institute, it sure was worth it to listen to the Fishermen's Forum going on in Rockland. Our kids got to listen to experienced fishermen talk about how lobstering has changed and the effects of weather on their islands/communities.
Since all our kids fish and most intend on continuing the practice, we are rather unique as an island community. Most island schools are populated with kids whose parents are not lobstering as a career anymore, though it used to be the case that almost all island kids were sons and daughters of fishermen.
After lunch, we tuned in again. This time, we had several other schools join in as well. This is such a cool thing. Here we had three schools tuning in to a live conference that was happening in Rockland and you could see and hear everyone. This is technology at its best.
Here we all are. Rockland is on top. Monhegan in the lower left, Cliff in the lower middle, and Frenchboro in the lower right.
The fishermen got to hear us report on our STORMS weather project that we are doing through the Island Institute and ask questions about it. We also got to ask questions of the fishermen. One of my favorites is: What's the weirdest thing you've ever gotten in a trap?

Thanks to all the schools and fishermen and to the Island Institute for arranging it and letting us tune in!

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