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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reading Rules

How do you decide which partner reads first? Rock, Paper, Scissors, obviously.
Every day, the kids read a few pages with their partners and then read the rest of the assignment silently. While their partner reads, they follow along so they don't miss anything, and they also offer assistance if needed.
It's nice reading in a comfy chair with your best friend.
While the other group read in the library, Johnny and Jayde were finished with their reading and had moved on to answering questions about what they read about. I really like the team approach. It's so much more social and helpful. The kids are all working on individual standards at their grade level, so that Johnny and Jayde can work together, though she's a first grader and he's a second grader. I tend to work toward the highest denominator rather than the lowest. So Jayde is reading a harder book with assistance from me and her partner, rather than having Johnny read a much easier book than his level. Jayde is assessed differently than Johnny as well, on her own standards and expectations for first grade. Her homework books are first grade level so that she doesn't struggle at home. There is so much at work in a one-room school house. This reading class has 1st-5th grade in it! Where else would you find that in action?!

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