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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Countdown to Lego Tournament

The kids did their Lego demonstration for the community last night. This is their skit about frostbite, which addresses the Body Forward theme that this year's Lego tournament covers. Just hearing Dr. Saylor saying "Two 50 cc syringes, STAT!" is hilarious.
Then they went downstairs to show the robot in action. There were some nerves apparent, but it was good practice to have to demonstrate in front of an audience.
There are three rounds, so three chances to get the highest score possible. We have three 'teams' so that every kid gets a chance to compete. Here are Dylan and Teressa lining up the robot and getting the correct program ready.
Then it was Cody and Brody's turn. We're keeping our fingers crossed for a high score at this years tournament on Saturday!

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  1. Good luck everybody at the Lego Tournament and hope you have a great time. I am very impressed with the robot. Well done!