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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

STORMS Visitors

We had some visitors besides Ursula and AJ on Friday. Hope Rowan from the Island Institute, along with Ruth Kermish-Allen and her two little girls came for a training about the STORMS program that I wrote about earlier. Here's Hope doing a GPS training with the kids.

After we learned what all the buttons did, we were set loose into the wilds of Frenchboro. Well...the parking lot for starters.
Everyone set a way point at the school.

Here's Ruth with her little cutie Izzy. I was snuggling this little poocher all day!
And here's big sis, Elana, who was all about being a new student at Frenchboro School.
We walked through the woods, setting way points at trail heads and trying not to fall on our faces as we watched the GPS screen instead of the rocks and roots.
Then we went to Big Beach, Middle Beach and Little Beach before heading back to the school. We even set a point at the community garden.


  1. Wandering around the island using the GPS devices would have been so cool. Still, there's some serious faces - huge concentration, right?

    Great photo of you Ms. Finn hugging little Izzy with big sister Elana by your side.

    The way you're all rugged up I see the weather's becoming colder too.

  2. Actually, that's not me, it's her mom, Ruth, from the Island Institute. But, so cute, huh? It was great to have some little (and big) visitors at our school for the day!