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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Setting Up the Weather Station

I was going to say: the following pictures may be disturbing to some viewers. But really, I mean myself. Since this is my husband. Okay, let's just dissect what we're looking at here, shall we folks? There's Paul and Paul's truck. Hmmm. It seems that the ladder is actually in the back of Paul's truck. And then, going a little farther up. Oh. Terrific. There's not just one ladder there. It's two stacked upon each other. This is looking better and better! And then, at the very top of the steeply pitched cedar shingled roof is...taadaa! Mr. Finn. I'm just guestimating here...but it looks like he's 35 feet in the air, maybe more, as I'm using HIM as the gauge to measure the height.
What Mr. Finn does for the love of science!
Paul insisted that he'd catch him. I had to go inside.
And now, thanks to my fearless husband, we have a fantastic weather station that is pumping out the data as we speak. Let me go check....

Okay. It's 46 degrees out. The wind speed is 5 mph out of the east (a rare treat on our island). We refer to this as 'flat calm' and we love it. It's also 75 percent humidity, though, which means a storm is coming. Calm doesn't usually last long. In fact, there's a gale warning for tonight, so we'll see what kind of readings we get then!

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