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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Energy Audit

AJ from Efficiency Maine came out to do an energy audit of the school. Apparently all Maine schools have been encouraged to do this. I believe we are the first. As Frenchboro goes, so goes the nation! We've been trying to get AJ out to do the audit for a few weeks, but it's difficult with our extremely limited ferry schedule. Ursula was coming out, along with several other folks, which meant a special ferry for Friday, so it was a good time to tagteam events.
AJ walked around the entire school with his infrared camera, taking shots of the ACK! lack of insulation in the walls of the school. Good news was: the doors that the kids installed were the warmest part of the entire wall. Bad news: the rest of the wall lacked insulation and actually appeared black in the camera. Yikes. He gave us some hints about where we could save energy, took readings of our equipment to see how much electricity was being phantom sucked out of our budget for things that are plugged in but not in use, and he also took some shots of the heat pouring out of our kids. So cool! I mean warm! I want his camera. And no, that is not a tiny kindergartner in the front of the class...but we'll get to her later.

Thanks AJ for all the information, and you have to be the most personable auditor around!

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