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Friday, December 17, 2010

Cutting Down the Tree

Oh, you remember the days...You and your teachers took a walk through the woods to cut down the school Christmas tree. Right? Right? neither. And as ain't Frenchboro if we're not bushwhacking. Lots of nice trees right. by. the road. But no...we headed for the dead tree snag field. I blame Joe.
And then, miraculously, they found a balsam fir! We have enormous amounts of red and white spruce on our island, but not so many fir...I think because the deer find them delicious.
Joe and the kids cutting down the tree. It is, as most 'natural' trees...a little deformed. Okay, a lot deformed. C'mon now you Charlie Brown Christmas fans...this tree just needs a little love. And a lot of ornaments.
The kids could not have been happier with themselves. Look at Seth and Johnny. Ta Daaaa! This is possibly when several of the branches were actually ripped from the tree.
So stinkin' funny! And cute! Don't you want to have 12 kids now and go cut your own tree down? We rent them out.
We don't promise that delivery will not destroy your tree.

Just...shove it in there!

1 comment:

  1. It sure looked like fun traipsing around to find that perfect Christmas tree, and you did! It kind of looks, well, 'lifeless' but I'm wondering here. . . is that how they all are when you chop them down over there?? I'm an Aussie and having real trees for Christmas is well...few and far between!! I'm sure as Ms Finn said, with a little love and a lot of ornaments, the tree will come back to life.
    I can only imagine the fun everyone had decorating it.
    Thank you so much for sharing - great photos.
    Ho Ho Ho everybody.