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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We Love Winter!

Sooo...the first real snow of the year. What should we do for P. E.?
Walking in a winter wonderland.
All the snow was perfectly placed on the trees.
Which led us to do one of our favorite things.
The snow dump!
Lots of screaming. And laughing. And running around like crazy people. Mr. Finn got us into this during our walks. There is most definitely a five year old boy trapped in his grown-up body. Well...maybe 8 year old.
She smiled for me! She actually posed and gave me a little grin. I was so proud of myself. She must have been Super happy to be out in the woods!
Like these hooligans. Seriously...this group comes knockin' on the door and you close the shades! Look at the mischief and delight in those eyes. I was freaking out a little because my camera was dying on me and I knew there were going to be the best shots on I took as many as I could, as fast as I could.
Like this one. He did this to himself, folks. Plopped right down under that tree and shook the branches!
Thank goodness none of them have white coats. This was the scene as we traipsed through the woods. They'd all spontaneously throw themselves into the bushes, pretending they were deer or otter, or all manner of beasts. And yes, that's my husband...right there in the front with them. I told you....five years old.

1 comment:

  1. Someone like me from Down Under appreciates all the photos you post on this great school blog, but especially ones like the AWESOME winter snow! P.E. lesson during the first snow of the year must have been the BEST lesson!
    I agree, it is indeed a winter wonderland.
    What's it like getting snow dumped? Now that's one thing I'm going to have done to me when I visit Frenchboro one day. Any volunteers to shake the branches? And, I'm going to lay in the snow too.
    Yes, I see Mr. Finn's there also, having as much (if not more) fun than all the kids put together. Maybe he just wanted to let loose all that stored-up energy!
    Hmmm, The Little Rascals came to mind with the above group photo. They look a tad incorrigible under those smiles, nonetheless, expressions cute and priceless!
    Thank you for sharing and so glad your camera didn't let you down.
    Lastly, was everybody cold and soaked to the bone by the time P.E. was over?